Muay Thai & Kickboxing


Our main focus in our product delivery is Muay Thai and Kickboxing gear. This means that we have all products that you can think of in the area of Muay Thai and Kickboxing gear. Next to boxing gloves, shinguards and all the other equipment that we use in our daily training, we also have high quality equipment for trainers to use. You can think of kicking shields, pads and other equipment that a trainer uses to perform the best training.


Besides equipment to protect and help trainee and trainer, we also have clothing that you can wear during training. You can think of Muay Thai shorts, T-shirts, Sweat Suits and others. Custom made clothing is an option.


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Mixed Martial Arts


Next to equipment for Thai- and Kickboxing we also provide Mixed Martial Arts (better known as MMA) equipment. We have high quality MMA gloves.

We also provide you with MMA shorts and rash guards. All with nice design.

STB Fightgear

STB Fightgear is high quality equipment produced in Thailand and Pakistan. Headquarters is in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


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